Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are a popular and practical window covering solution that offers a range of benefits. These blinds are specifically designed to fit neatly within the window frame, offering a seamless and integrated look. Here’s an overview of Perfect Fit blinds and their advantages:

  1. Seamless Integration: Perfect Fit blinds are unique because they are installed directly onto the window frame, rather than being attached to the wall or ceiling. This allows for a clean and seamless integration with the window, giving a neat and unobtrusive appearance. The blinds become an integral part of the window, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.
  2. Easy Installation: One of the key benefits of Perfect Fit blinds is their easy installation process. They are designed to be a simple DIY solution, as they clip directly onto the window frame using special brackets. This eliminates the need for drilling or screwing into the wall, making installation quick and hassle-free. However, professional installation is also available if preferred.
  3. Enhanced Child and Pet Safety: Perfect Fit blinds are cordless, which makes them a safe option for homes with children or pets. The absence of cords eliminates the risk of entanglement or accidental injuries, providing peace of mind for parents and pet owners.
  4. No Gaps or Flapping: Because Perfect Fit blinds are precisely measured and fitted to the window frame, they offer a snug and secure fit. This eliminates gaps or flapping of the blinds, ensuring maximum privacy, light control, and insulation. The blinds stay in place even when windows are opened or closed, providing a consistent and tidy appearance.
  5. Improved Light Control and Privacy: Perfect Fit blinds provide excellent light control and privacy options. They are available in various types, including roller blinds, pleated blinds, and Venetian blinds. These blinds can be easily adjusted to control the amount of light entering the room, offering flexibility to create the desired ambiance. Additionally, they provide effective privacy, as they fit closely to the window and prevent outsiders from seeing inside your space.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Perfect Fit blinds contribute to energy efficiency in your home. By fitting snugly within the window frame, they create a sealed environment that helps to prevent heat loss during colder months and minimize heat gain during warmer months. This can lead to improved insulation and reduced energy consumption, resulting in potential cost savings on heating and cooling bills.
  7. Versatility and Variety: Perfect Fit blinds are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and designs to suit different interior styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist look or a more traditional aesthetic, there are options to match your taste and decor.
  8. Easy Maintenance: Perfect Fit blinds are relatively easy to clean and maintain. As they are attached to the window frame, they do not gather dust or debris as much as traditional blinds. They can be easily wiped clean with a soft cloth or vacuumed to keep them looking fresh and well-maintained.

In summary, Perfect Fit blinds offer seamless integration, easy installation, enhanced safety, improved light control and privacy, energy efficiency, versatility, and easy maintenance. These benefits make them a popular choice for homeowners seeking a sleek, functional, and practical window covering solution.

This unique range of blinds has been designed to work in complete harmony with UPVC windows and doors.  Sitting neatly into a stylish frame, the blind actually moves together with the window or door, making them ideal for tilt and turn windows.  Designed for windows, doors or skylights, these blinds eliminate gaps between the blind and the window frame to create complete privacy and light control in one easy step.

Perfect Fit blinds are available as pleated, wooden venetian, aluminium venetian and roller blinds, in a wide range of fabrics and finishes including multimedia viewing experience at a moments notice.  Energy saving and solar reflective pleated blinds reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter for a relaxing temperature all year round.

Perfect Fit is easy to fit and unobtrusive, with no need to drill into UPVC or the surrounding plasterwork.  For peace of mind, Perfect Fit is incredibly safe for use in children’s rooms as there are no cords or loops.  Choose from various coloured frames to complement your existing windows and doors.

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